Worship, Events & News Sheet (WEN)


Parish of Exning with Landwade

St Martin, Exning, St Philip w St Etheldreda, Newmarket, St Nicholas, Landwade



Church Services in Exning and North Newmarket (SMENN)

24th January – Third Sunday of Epiphany



Family Service

St Martin




St Mary, Newmarket



Livestream Eucharist





St Martin


Wednesday 27th January



Holy Communion

St Mary’s, Newmarket



Livestream Compline



31st January – Candlemas




St Mary, Newmarket



Livestream Eucharist





St Martin



Our Special Prayers

Ill or in need of comfort: Wendy Colbourne, David Pugh, Nicole Sparrow, Avril Cooper, Sue Howlett, Judy, Ann Quelch, Vera Browning, Peter Bennetto, Clive Hook

Recently departed: Albert Pettett, Pamela Eva Southgate, Sharon Joanne Goreham, Vera Heavens, Hazel Coleman, Brenda Jones

Residents of St Wendred’s Way, Exning & Highclere Close, Studlands, Newmarket. All schools in the local area; all involved in home learning. Students as they prepare for the new university term.

The UK, in Lockdown; Students & teachers at schools & universities; starting the term ‘online’. All medical teams & carers in all settings dealing with the pandemic.  All patients in hospitals, care homes & in their own homes.

The USA; at the start of the new Biden/Harris term.

Environmental Issues: This year sees events that will have an impact on the global environment. A new President of the USA will be inaugurated later this month, and the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference will be in November, in Glasgow. Pray for these, and other large global events, for the organisers, for the decision makers and that they will have a good and lasting impact.

Prayer for Creation for January: Lord, we pray: Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me. Let there be love on earth, and let it begin in my heart. Let there be miracles on earth, and let them begin with my faith. Let there be a sustainable future for your children, and let it begin with my actions now. Amen

Lectionary Readings:

Genesis 14:17-20; Psalm 128; Revelation 19:6-10; John 2:1-11

Dates for your diary for week beginning January 24th









Topical Teas

Online – contact S Pascall




Rock Solid

Online – contact S Price

LIVE STREAMING OF SERVICES ON YOUTUBE can also be accessed via telephone by dialling 03300 945 940, using room number 24456910 & PIN 7760  Service sheets plus YouTube link at https://www.stmarysandstagnesnewmarket.org.uk/service-times/  

Nominations for charitable giving  for consideration in 2021: Could you please send nominations for this year’s giving to me by the end of February. A summary of what the nominated organisation does is also helpful to allow others to make a considered decision about their votes. Thank you. John Pascall (john.pascall@outlook.com)

Group and Committee reports for the 2020 Annual Report  Could you please send me reports of activities of groups/committees for inclusion as soon as possible. Thank you, John Pascall, (john.pascall@outlook.com)

DAY CENTRE  Many thanks to those who sent donations for the Day Centre Christmas giving. They have said it went very well. People had been very generous with donations and it was more than they had hoped for. It has been amazing to see from this and the Journal how people have worked very hard and been extremely generous to ensure the isolated, struggling families as well as the Day Centre family had some Christmas  cheer.  Rev Cheryl Belding

Bishop's Lent Appeal  In these challenging times across the globe, we are able to reach out and support friends in Christ who are facing far worse difficulties than we are. I am so grateful for the generous response to our previous appeals to support our link diocese, Kagera, and our commitment to serving our brothers and sisters in Kagera continues. The theme of the Bishops' Lent Appeal 2021 is supporting key workers in Kagera, providing food, health care and spiritual support: - Farmers, to support subsistence farmers across Kagera, and those who are helping them develop better ways of making the most of their land.

- Doctors at the Diocesan hospital, undertaking specialist training to reduce patients' need to travel many hours to find specialist treatment.

- Priests leading their communities, helping with training and transport, for example, £850 will buy a motorbike so a priest can spend less time walking, maybe 10 or 20km between churches, and more time serving.

Bishop Mike has produced a video introducing our 2021 Lent appeal which can be found HERE. Clergy and PCC secretaries will be receiving information packs, including a brand-new Lent Challenge booklet. Churchwardens should also have received an email with copies of everything. More information can be found on the diocesan website, www.cofesuffolk.org/bishops-lent-appeal . Alternatively, please contact Chris and Anji Dawkins, Kagera Link Coordinators, for more information, kagera@cofesuffolk.org

FREE-WILL ENVELOPES  There are still several sets of Free-will offering envelopes in St Martin's Church. If you cannot get into the church to collect them, please contact me by phone or email and I will arrange delivery. John Pascall (01638578372; john.pascall@outlook.com)

ET UNUM SINT  As a teenager in Altrincham, North Cheshire (now in Trafford, Greater Manchester!), and being confirmed at the age of 13 in St George’s, I used to cycle from home to school past St Vincent de Paul’s RC church, and curiosity finally got the better of me…I braved it and went in to have a look round, knowing it to be a very busy place on Saturday evenings for Vigil Mass (fulfilling Sunday obligation) and Sunday mornings, and why was that?  What I discovered has stayed with me all my ministry…the importance of learning and knowing the Faith, and the part played in that by the Catholic Truth Society (CTS) pamphlets, not to mention the requirement to go to Mass at least weekly. We have some akin to that in the CofE, though decades later, ‘Gospel Imprint’ being one of a few, but we still seem hung up on ‘church-going’ rather than a deeper sense of discipleship, ‘learning our trade’ as it were. The decline in those seeking to be Confirmed has also been of sad note; an opportunity missed, alongside and probably correlated with, the decline in choirs, servers, youth clubs and uniformed groups.  We have much to learn from the different denominations of Christendom, be it in prayer life/style, music, governance, ethos or social action. At its best, ecumenism seeks to draw from each church its strength(s) and share in being united, without uniformity, that together we might be more effective in mission.  Every year the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins on 18th January, the Confession of Peter, and concludes on 25th January, the Conversion of Paul , or Saul of Tarsus to become St Paul. During it, Christians pray, study and worship together, and affirm the unity that was Christ’s injunction, ‘that we might be one, as He and the Father are one’ (John 17:21-23), summarised in our title, from Pope John Paul II’s papal encyclical.  So, this year, let’s take to heart Jesus’ request, and seek that unity which is his and his Father’s will, within and between all our churches, and not least here in CTND, Churches Together in Newmarket & District, as we renew the covenant between us all and God without corporate gathering other than in prayer.  Mark






Associate Priest

Revd Canon Mark Haworth; The Vicarage, 1 New River Green, Exning, CB8 7HS, 01638 577196  mhaworth50@hotmail.com

Priest in Charge

Revd John Hardy; 21 Hamilton Road, Newmarket CB8 0NY, 01638  660729 jhardy153@btinternet.com

Hon. Asst. Priest

Revd Peter Gill; 01638 660335

Asst. Curate (Distinctive Deacon )

Revd Cheryl Belding; 07801 499179, cherylbelding@gmail.com

Asst. Curate (SMENN)

Revd Jeremy Lind  lind05@btinternet.com

Church Warden

John Pascall; 01638 578372, jsd.pascall@gmail.com

Church Warden

Derek Bryant; 01638 577581 d.bryant@uwclub.net

Pro Warden St P&E

Jennie Oakman; 01638 668176, jenniferoakman@yahoo.com

Lay Elder

Patsy Edwards; 01638 665343, patriciajedwards13@gmail.com

Lay Elder

Sarah Price 01638 578138, sarahcprice@ntlworld.com

Lay Elder

Christine Shand; 01638 667788, c.conwayjarrett@hotmail.co.uk